Taxify promo code

Taxify promo code for new and existing riders, drivers

Whether you are a new or existing user of Bolt formerly taxify, there is always a taxify promo code to crash the price of your trip.

Taxify promo code is available for its over 10 million users in the country and still has capacity to cater for new users.

Taxify, or call it Bolt, uses the power of referrals to bring new users to its platform little wonder they have over 10 million rides already, although the competition is still very close with first ride-hailing company in Nigeria, Uber 

Taxify promo code

It is interesting to know that taxify promo code ranges from about N1500 to N2500 for new users and about N500 to N1500 for existing users.

New user taxify promo code

So as a new user, you will want to ask “how do I get my promo code on Taxify? ” Follow the steps below and enjoy your first ride!

To enjoy a discount on your first ride, click here or copy and paste this code on you Taxify app GYDG6.

How to Apply the Taxify Promo Codes

As a new rider on taxify you need to follow a few quick steps to claim the promo code.

Please Note: You need to enter the code before requesting a ride at all.

Download the rider app

New users can download the app from Google Play, the App Store, or from the Bolt website directly.

If you download the app from the Bolt website, you might need to verify your phone numbers before you get through. You might download from the app stores.

Create an account and log in

At this stage follow the in-app instructions to fill out your profile information and payment information (you need to fill in your name, a valid email address and a debit card details) that will be used to request rides.

Enter a taxify promo code

Navigate to the “Payment” section of the app to enter the new user promo code.

In the box labeled “Add Credit/Gift Code,” click here or copy and paste this code on your Taxify app GYDG6. Once the promo code is activated, you’ll see ride credit amount, expiration date, and any other additional information related to the promo code.


– that the ride promo code are most times valid for 14 days from the time of activation.

– the first ride credit does not roll-over, that is, even if you got a promo code of N2000 for your first ride on the app, and your ride costs just N500, the balance of N1500 will go vanishing with the first ride. So use it wisely.

– that you have confirmed that your “payment method” is on card and not on cash. If you have your first ride on cash and you have activated your code, once the ride ends the taxify promo code vanishes.

– If you want to save your taxify promo code for a specific day or reason, then we suggest not registering on the app and entering the promo code yet.

Existing user taxify promo code

As an existing Bolt rider, I am sure you will know how this works already. Apart from event sponsored by Bolt or for some special reasons or occasion getting a promo code now can be tasking. Prior the change of name from Taxify to Bolt, taxify promo codes fly around like water but now getting a taxify code is not easy any more.

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However, there are other sweet ways to get discount on your next ride as an existing Bolt rider

  1. Refer a friend to become a Bolt rider
  2. Get promo code from a Bolt sponsored event
  3. Check your email for occasional exclusive deals from Bolt

A sweet way to get a discount by inviting friends to use Bolt. For every passenger you refer, you will earn not less N1500 credits once the referred rider completes their first ride.

  • To get your referral link
  • Get a Code from a Bolt ambassadors
  • Open your Bolt app
  • Click on “Free journeys” tab

Your promo code would be on the screen and you can share to several social media platforms and also get the link directly.

Other surefire ways you can get taxify promo code as an existing user are;

Get a Code from a Bolt ambassador: there are many Bolt ambassadors who earn ride credit per people they refer to Bolt as well. They have promo codes for both new and existing users. If you are fortunate to know any of them, which you can easily Twitter, they might be the answer to your next trip discount.

Get Bolt sponsored event promo code: You can easily get taxify promo code especially in Lagos and Ibadan, there are always events Bolt sponsors with free codes. You can always be on a lookout for such events, even though you might not be attending the event. Such codes are only valid for the city the event is holding. And the promo codes are often offered for a limited time and comes with an expiration date – hours after the event.

Check Email for Exclusive Deals:

Taxify promo code

Always keep an eye out for promo code or offer emails from Bolt. Most times, they give up 60% discount for five different rides for a specific period if time. You can have a discount valid for up to N900 per ride.

Bolt Driver Promotions

A Sign-Up Bonus for New Bolt drivers

If you are a driver on Bolt platform, you are sure of getting a whooping N5000 per each person that joins Bolt as a driver with your referral code.

Click here to get a code as a new driver on taxify.

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