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Requirements for uber select



Requirements for uber select

Requirements for uber select
You might be wondering what Uber select is and if the requirements for uber select is different from the regular Uber X. Yes, the Uber Select typically is a step higher the average car.

In this post, we will be talking about the Uber Select and the requirements for uber select.

Some people prefer to refer to Uber SELECT as “Uber BLACK, but literally, the cars don’t have to be black” – Uber Select is just for the best luxury cars of the world.

Apparently, the pay for the driver in Uber Select than the regular Uber X and what have you.

Vehicles that fall under Uber select must be newer and otherwise have higher requirements and standards than UberX.

So, If you have a sophisticated car, register and you are good to go!

hey, wait there are still some things you need to know about the other requirements for uber select and even knowing how you can become an Uber Select driver.

How To Become An Uber Select Driver

With all the above benefits of Uber Select, I know the next questiuon how to be an Uber SElect driver to start earning this cash? Remember Uber Select is only for luxury cars and if your car is qualified, here are soft headaches to get started.

Permit me explain the steps require to become an Uber Select driver:

First, you must sign up to drive as an Uberx or UberXL driver. (There is nothing you can, well that i know of, to skip to Uber Select without completing this step). You get promoted from the lower category to Uber Select.

After you have signed up for any of the two listed, you will be required to have completed at least 50 trips as a Uber X or Uber XL driver before you can change.

It is of importance you must maintain driver ratingf between 4.7-4.8 – aim for 4.8 to be safe.
Once you complete steps the three steps Uber should upgrade you automatically to receive Uber Select request. If they don’t send them a message.
As long your vehicle is qualified to be on the Uber Select platfom in your city it should be pretty easy to complete these steps.

One thing to note: Depending on the city you drive in, you will also be required to maintain an 80% acceptance rate or above.

You can become an Uber Select driver in these three easy steps.

The requirements for uber select

Below is a list of the car requirements to qualify to be an Uber Select driver:

Model Year: Must be 2009 or newer
Entry-level, 5-passenger luxury sedans only (full list of eligible vehicles is available below)
Body Style: Must be a 4-door vehicle
Vehicles must seat 4 passengers (excluding the driver)
Vehicles with a 3rd row of seating are ineligible for SELECT in San Francisco
Leather or vegan leather interior required
No commercial branding or taxi color paint jobs
No marked, taxi, or salvage titled vehicles
No large passenger vans or commercial/Heavy Duty trucks
Must pass the Uber car inspection
No rental vehicles
No cosmetic damage

Car year requirements vary by city and are subject to change at Uber’s discretion, and Uber Select may not be available in all markets.

List of Qualifying Cars For Uber Select

While this isn’t high-end luxury driving, it is still a step above the rest. Your vehicle must meet slightly stricter requirements and they are more expensive vehicles to drive.

While eligible cars can slightly change city to city, I have compiled a list of qualifying cars for the San Francisco and Los Angeles market.

Most vehicles should qualify in other markets as well, but double check with your local Uber support team to be sure that your car does qualify.

Here is a list of all the eligible cars that I have found. Some cars that are eligible must be a certain year or newer.

Eligible Cars:
Acura – RDX
Acura – RL
Acura – RLX
Acura – RSX
Acura – TLX
Audi – A4
Audi – A5
Audi – A6
Audi – A7
Audi – A8
Audi – Q3
Audi – Q5
Audi – R8
Audi – S3
Audi – S4
Audi – S6
Audi – S7
Audi – S8
BMW – 3 Series
BMW – 4 Series
BMW – 5 Series
BMW – 7 Series
BMW – M3
BMW – M5
BMW – M6
BMW – X1
BMW – X3
BMW – X4
BMW – X5
BMW – X6
Buick – Enclave
Buick – LaCrosse
Buick – Regal
Cadillac – ATS
Cadillac – CTS
Cadillac – DTS
Cadillac – SRX
Cadillac – STS
Chrysler – 300
Hummer – H2
Hummer – H3
Infiniti – EX
Infiniti – FX
Infiniti – G Sedan
Infiniti – I
Infiniti – M
Infiniti – M-Class
Infiniti – Q40
Infiniti – Q50L
Infiniti – Q60
Infiniti – Q70
Infiniti – QX50
Infiniti – QX56
Infiniti – QX70
Jaguar – S-Type
Jaguar – X-Type
Kia – K900
Land Rover – Evoque
Land Rover – LR2
Land Rover – LR3
Land Rover – LR4
Lexus – ES
Lexus – GS
Lexus – GX
Lexus – IS
Lexus – LS
Lexus – LX
Lexus – RX
Lincoln – MKC
Lincoln – MKT
Lincoln – MKS
Lincoln – MKX
Lincoln – MKZ
Lincoln – Navigator
Mercedes Benz – C-Class
Mercedes Benz – E-Class
Mercedes Benz – GL-Class
Mercedes Benz – GLK-Class
Mercedes Benz – M-Class
Mercedes Benz – S-Class
Porsche – Cayenne
Porsche – Cayman (2 door- doesn’t qualify)
Porsche – Macan
Porsche – Macan Turbo
Porsche – Panamera
Tesla – Model S
Tesla – Model X
Toyota – Avalon
Volkswagen – CC
Volkswagen – Touareg
Volvo – S60
Volvo – XC90 (Ineligible in San Francisco)
Eligible vehicles are subject to change at Uber’s discretion and can vary depending on the city.

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Uber Driver: All you need to know to make money




Uber Driver
Uber Driver


Being a Uber driver can earn you at least N40,000 per week if you own your car and can still put at least N15,000 to N20,000 in your bank account if you hire a car.

In this piece, I will expose you to the uber driver requirement, the uber driver application, and risks involved in this side gig before we talk how much does uber driver make weekly in Nigeria.

Uber never asks for cash. They take their percentage from whatever card transactions you might have gathered over the week, so don’t worry about owing Uber – it almost never happens.

There are many other rideshare services in Nigeria like Taxify which is now Bolt, eRide, Gokada (not a car) and many others.

With Uber application, riders are connected to Uber drivers via the Uber software – Uber as a company doesn’t own a car. Hence the partnership.

Uber drivers make money off the platform by driving their picking up Uber customers based on the request, or putting a fleet of cars on the Uber network and hiring drivers to drive them. The easiest and most profitable way to go about it is to own and operate your vehicle.

How to register as an Uber partner?

You can register on the Uber application as:

1.) A driver but has no car

2.) As a vehicle owner planning but want to get someone to drive the car for him

3.) As a vehicle owner and want someone to drive your car

If you are registering with a car like 2 or 3, you will need a scanned copy of the following documents:

Drivers license (for ID purposes)

Third-party vehicle insurance certificate

The vehicle inspection clearance papers

NOTE: Your car must be a 2006 or newer car in perfect condition. You will be which Uber will require that you bring in for an inspection.

Register online as a partner and then select what category you fall into.

Here are our hints on how you can try to make the maximum profit as an Uber driver

Drive Smart, Not Hard with Uber
Knowing where to be at a particular time and puts a lot of money in your account. As a Uber driver, you are able to have your schedule or plan.

While you have not set hours and although you can drive whenever you want, to earn more money you’ll want to drive during surge time – when requests are many.

Surge varies depending on the city but can mean morning and evening commute times, during big events, conventions, concerts, and around bar closing time. Imagine being around Eko Hotels and Suite the day Wizkid or Davido is having their show – If you are smart, you will make more than ten trips in less than 1 hours.

Also Uber will even send emails about when it thinks it will be full and give you extra money for driving around a particular place around that time.

Also, There is the possibility that you can take benefit of surge pricing during busy or toward the close of work as well, which gets you a lot more money per ride. In Lagos, from 3 pm till 1 am you are sure of some high demands.
You know what? You can schedule yourself to only drive during the surge period.

Be Wary of Uber’s Texts
The platform, Uber, do send its drivers notifications on where hot spots are for requests, or where an area with surge pricing is. Uber’s intention is to drive more vehicles to that area in order to reduce the price – be fast before the pricing lowers.

In wide, it’s better to not drive around too much without passengers in the car because you know you are burning fuel and no money is coming.

The Risks/ Downside of driving Uber?

The earnings can be unpredictable. There will be days market won’t just move and there will be days it will be as if your village people have backed out. Nevertheless, even on election day, people will still come out in the evening to meet up appointment or business deals. So no day without movement, it can only be reduced.

NOTE: You do have to drive a decent amount to earn a sufficient amount if being an Uber driver will be your only source of money.

But if you use these tips i have mentioned – driving smart, not hard, you can earn good money with little effort.

Registering as a driver only

Here are the items you will need:

Drivers Licence: In fact you should have this if you are an experienced driver but nevertheless you can obtain yours from the FRSC.

For Lagos state drivers you need an institute ID card. You can get it from Lagos State Drivers Institute.

Background check: this is conducted after the driver has been accepted and he is done with the training.

The background check costs ₦20,000. You can pay installmentally.
The check is
It is a check carried out with the police, which demonstrates that you have no criminal convictions or charges against your name, and is for the safety of passengers.

If the driver is not the vehicle owner, you will also need a contract agreement between the driver and the owner.

Registering your vehicle only

Here are the items you will need

Vehicle Licence

Certificate of roadworthiness (You can get this from the FRSC)

Tint permit if your windows are tinted.

Proof of ownership

The air condition (A.C) must be working perfectly.

The car must have a working radio.

Electric windows; The required width for cars is about 170mm minimum width

The car must be clean.

All vehicle must have a seat belt on all the seats.

Comprehensive Insurance. We compared insuring a 2009 Toyota Camry worth N2.9m across 10 Nigerian insurers and we got quotes ranging from N62,500 to N150,000 annually. You can find the full results of our research here.

4.  Certificate of Incorporation.

5. You will need to be comfortable using a smart phone with GPS in addition to your local knowledge of Lagos. You can either bring your own smartphone (iPhone 4s or newer/Samsng S3 or newer) or Uber provides you with a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini for a ₦50,000 deposit (or 5 instalments of ₦10,000). Uber will also deduct ₦1500 per week for data on the Etisalat network.

To Contact Uber Office in Lagos:

Office Address: Regus, River House, 83 Ralph Shoeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja.

If you have any questions or contribution for this topic, kindly drop a comment below and you will get a reply almost immediately.

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