How to make money with bitcoin in Nigeria

In this post i will teach you how to change Bitcoin to naira and How to Make Money with Bitcoin in Nigeria. Interesting yeah? Read on to find all the secrets in this business.

How to make money with bitcoin in Nigeria

The first thing that comes to mind is what bitcoin is?

The best and simplest definition for Bitcoin (short form is BTC) is this “Bitcoin is Money.” Yes, Bitcoin is the money of our generation and future generations.

Well, in the history of money, several objects have been used to carry out transactions. Money in itself is an identifiable object of value that is generally accepted for payment of goods and services and repayment of debts within a market or which is a legal tender.

Bitcoin fulfills all of these. In the past, money has taken many forms like cowry shells, beads, precious metal, paper, and in our generation it is becoming digital in the way of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is digital money; this means that unlike the previous form of payment, Bitcoin is not anything physical. It is not tangible yet more real than any earlier used.

It exists on a technology called Blockchain which helps to store all the information and transactions about all the Bitcoin that ever exist.

The info on Blockchain can never be destroyed or manipulated. Also, Blockchain cannot be controlled by one central body or government, making Bitcoin the best form of money to ever evolve.

Also, with Bitcoin, you are your bank, as you can spend your money anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions whatsoever.

Recently Bitcoin has gained more popularity in the world, and even in Nigeria. People now choose to send money to their families and friends using this unique form of money.

Young men and women working online now prefer to receive payment with Because of the advantage it has over ever dropping the value of the naira.

With this new form of money (Bitcoin) gaining popularity and acceptance around the globe, how can you as an individual benefit from it. I have tried to list a few ways to get you started. How to Make Money with Bitcoin in Nigeria

Strategies for Making Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria

Trading bitcoins

Buying and selling bitcoins is probably the fastest and easiest way to try and make some money with bitcoin. Just like the stock market also known as forex, bitcoin trading involves buying at a low cost and selling when the price has gone up.

Bitcoin is a volatile currency and it is like a ‘bubble’. This means the rate can rise or fall several times a day with a margin of $10-100 per bitcoin value.

You can change Bitcoin to naira by buying and selling bitcoin from platforms like – they are the most secure platform I know of. Register on the platform now


Bitcoin-like gold is scarce; this is due to the finite or limited supply of Bitcoin; there are going to be only 21 million Bitcoin ever. I mean EVER! (Out of that just about 16 million is in circulation now, as the rest are continually being mined).

With bitcoin, you can invest in the future. For Nigerians, Bitcoin can serve as a high-profit investment. Due to the behavior of the Nigerian Naira in the foreign exchange market. Bitcoin is like bubble

Last year 5 Bitcoins was worth $1,000 because each Bitcoin was about $200. The equivalent naira rate for 5 Bitcoins was about #220,00 because each dollar was worth #220 on the black market.

Fast forward a year later, the same number of Bitcoins now worth about $2,915. Since the value of each bitcoin has gone up from $200 to about $583. The equivalent naira rate for 5 Bitcoins would now be #1,078,550.

Can you imagine the profit margin? As at last year December 2017 1 bitcoin worth $20,000 and like i earlier said bitcoin is like the bubble, it dropped again under five days to around $14,000.


Nigerians living in diaspora and those doing business across Africa, China and the world can save on money transfer fees and foreign exchange rate by sending money in Bitcoins, and this would save time and reduce over 10% fees charged by several Money Transfer Operators.

Bitcoin exchanges are available all over the world, allowing users to convert any currency into and out of Bitcoin. You can change bitcoin to naira as soon as you want it.

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