Can Blogging Make You Rich?

To some, even though blogging seems like a gold rush, making money online through blogging does not really seem like a strong means of generating purchasing power.

They see the online hustle of blogging too petty or probably too easy to make a considerable amount of income online.

Others see blogging as a field that’s somewhat too congested and overwhelmed which makes them feel too late to make it in the blogging game.

All these put together beg for questions like: Can blogging make you rich? Can I buy a car through blogging? Can I race a family with blogging? Or can I make enough money to live the kind of lavish life I’ve ever wanted, through blogging?

These and some other related mind-provoking questions are what would be dealt with in this article. So, catch your breath, get a chilled drink and read along.


Before the term “blog” became as popular, it was initially known as “web log“. More like an online diary individuals own and post on about their day-to-day affairs, later, it became “blog”. Now, blogging is the act of writing about (a topic, an event, a situation, etc.) in a blog.

More like the act of updating a blog with related contents for some digital audience.


Quite right it can! But looking at it from another point of view, it might not! Blogging is more about the more you give, the more you earn. It’s not a game of chance or an element of gamble.

Blogging requires a great deal of work that if put in the right way, might earn you millions on monthly basis. Another truth is, it’s never a walkover to carve out your space in the world of blogging and start making a huge sum of money over the night. The most successful people who are making big money from blogging today have started from donkey years, as far back as 2005 or even earlier.

So, shove it off your mind if you have the impression that blogging is something you can get rich quickly with. But all the same, your blog might turn out to be a money-making resource if all is well done coupled with hard work, patience, and consistency.


There are some major types of make-money-blogging models that you can use to make money with your blog. The simple idea behind these models is to turn a blog into a profit making machine by selling advertisement spaces to those who want to reach that blog’s readers, which you must have gained over time or using your influence over the minds of your readers to lure them into paying for some services relating to your blog.

Below is a list of and of course not limited to some of the ways to make money through blogging:

Join an advertising programme e.g Adsense, Infolinks,
Start using affiliate programs
Sell direct ad spaces to advertisers
Write and sell E-materials
Start offering a service
Publish paid guest posts and reviews
Start an online store off your blog
Ask for donations

Now moving forward. Let me give a good example of a Nigerian blogger that makes huge millions monthly by just “Blogging”. More often than not, you know “Linda Ikeji”, the highest paid Nigerian blogger.

It’s quite undisputable how blogging has made her rich, judging from her conspicuously expensive lifestyle and assets she has managed to garner over time. That’s someone who has made enough through blogging to buy cars, houses, set up a company and even buy those expensive fashion items some other ladies of her age are waiting for their fantasy husbands to come buy for them, let’s leave aside her marital status, that’s not the subject matter here.

This is one perfect example that says a solid “YES” to the question; “Can Blogging Make You Rich”.

Based on some factual analysis, Linda Ikeji makes nothing less than 600Million per annum. Meaning, the young lady can afford a house in Banana Island, buy original Gucci bags straight from store by just tapping buttons and as well get an office of N50m per annum just in case she needs a space to cool off.

Now who says you can’t get rich with blogging?? Also, let’s take a look at some other Nigerians who got rich through blogging :

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Omoyele Sowore –
Uche Eze –
Chude Jideonwo –
Loy Okezie –
Mola Ogundele –
Bamidele Onibalusi –
Jide Ogunsanya –
Don Caprio –
Noble Igwe –

It’s a very long list, let’s stop there…

Don’t get too flattered and carried away by the sweet words I’ve been spitting. Before you spring off your screen and jump into blogging, here are some of the things that can stop you from making money blogging you should consider:

Expecting Too Much, Too Fast: Thinking blogging is a hit-and-run affair won’t pay you. Be realistic and don’t ever think of making millions in your early blogging days.

Not Thinking Clearly Before You Start: In any internet hustle, lack of clear thoughts would always throw you in the wrong hustling channel. For any individual who has chosen to make money online, it doesn’t matter what you have chosen to venture into, which is blogging in this case, it’s important to think clearly from the outset. Summarily, know what you are getting into.

Not Well Convinced: “Tunji makes a living through blogging, maybe I should give it a trial too”, that’s probably some ugly thoughts running through your impatient mind. With this, you will hardly make shishi from blogging. Go in with personal conviction and determination, knowing that blogging is something you can do right.

Being A Poor Writer: Like? I don’t get? You can hardly script down a sentence without spelling some words wrong or your grammatical composition is not just considerably tight and you are thinking of blogging? I believe if you can write well, then you can make money blogging.

So, increase your writing skills before you venture into it. NOTE: You are not going to be writing to win a Nobel prize or to impress readers. But you should be able to write contents that are understandable and good enough to confidently express your views.

You Don’t Have Time: Blogging takes a great deal of time. You can start a blog if your schedule is tight, no sin! But if you really want to get rich by blogging, then you have to create time for it.

Those are not all, but let’s save the list for another day…

If you are thinking of making a good living out of blogging, here are some tips you should observe:

Don’t create fantasies in your head or have those “I will make money” illusions in your mind, or probably declare blogging as your sole source of income until you see some strong evidence in your bank account.

Diversify and do not rely on one blog as your source of income.

Choose your niche carefully and make sure it’s one niche you have a sound knowledge about.

Experiment and discover the love of your audience with formats, article types and layouts that work, and get to know what works best.

Do more of what works best for your blog.

Learn more about how to market your blog and yourself, break limits and go beyond bounds!

Famz other bloggers, make friends with them, network and build more networks. At times, success is measured or achieved faster based on who you know and who knows you.

Be consistent, be persistent, the early days of blogging won’t be so encouraging, be strong!

Keep doing it, the rewards will take a while but at the end, it will be worth it.

Last bullet: Blogging is definitely one of the best and most popular ways of making money online. It is never too early and at the same time never too late to start your blogging empire.

Follow the stated rules, feel free to create your own rules if you find them helpful. Build your blogging passion and always have it in mind that the major difference between successful bloggers and those who fail, is that those who make it didn’t give up.

That’s that on the question: Can Blogging Make You Rich?

Hopefully, I’ve been able to clear some faded views. Feel free to drop comments as regards your view on this.

The article was written by Fatt Kay, A Computer Addict, Seasonal Web Developer, Born-To-Be Content Writer, Computer Scientist By Force, Social Media Jagaban and an all-in-all Internet Gangstar.

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