best job site in Nigeria

Best job sites in Nigeria you need to know

Seeking for a job in Nigeria might be frustrating, and with even with the few jobs opportunities available, one has to be sure of the best job sites in Nigeria in order not to miss opportunities.

Many people got scammed while many got exploited because of their desperation to get a job. The Government has failed us in several ways, and even some of us are the reason for our struggles.

In Nigeria, one of the most popular ways today’s job seekers uncover paid job opportunities is by sourcing different online job platforms.

There are different job boards online, there are generic and niche blogs, as well as aggregators, social media platforms, networking groups or WhatsApp group and staffing company websites to choose from.

All of these platforms provide plenty of listings/ job opportunities and obviously when you get them too many you get overwhelmed by so many options.

Here, Side Gigs offers 10 of what is generally considered the best job sites in Nigeria.

There are many others, of course, but this list of best job sites in Nigeria should give you a good starting point for your next job hunt:

Before listing the websites, trust me many things play out after the submission of your CV and even after your interview; please do not compliment your interviewer like “You smell nice,” Yea it is a good compliment in good faith, but it is such a relative sentence too…. story for another day.

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best job site in Nigeria

10 of what is generally considered the best job sites in Nigeria

Joblist Nigeria


You might be surprised to see this “social media” platform top my list. Yes, it is because it is a premium job website. If you can spend the time to provide necessary details on your LinkedIn account, you are close to getting an invite for an interview.

LinkedIn is a top networking site enables you to find jobs opportunities through your extended network.

User profiles serve as resumes. You can easily share career-related content and solicit recommendations.

Additionally, you can join groups, participate in conversations and follow companies you find interesting and relevant to your job search. Premium paid features offer more advanced search functions and services.


No list of best job search websites would be complete without Jobberman. Jobberman is in five different country – perhaps the largest job website in Africa. They are in Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and of course Nigeria.

According to them, they place a high premium on the Job search that is apt and up-to-the-minute.
They offer job information services and also build careers for job candidates.

Get access to thousands of Jobs Search thousands of job listings and find the right one matched to your location, experience, skills and job role. Apply for Jobs on Jobberman.


This is another top jobs and career platform helping several graduates to achieve their career dreams by connecting them to job opportunities, mentorship, and growth tools. This job search platform also allows you to upload your resume for hiring managers and recruiters to search.

Jobgurus: Another job website located in Nigeria, Port Harcourt to be specific. The platform helps employers get the right employees for their company. The online portal regularly advertises job vacancies from small to multinational companies.

Companies and employers use the platform to advertise their job vacancies, receive, track and sort applications and CVs. They search Jobguru CV database – hence the reason you must submit your CV to their database. Note: submission is free.

Joblist Nigeria is another leading and trusted job search website. If you want to get a new paid employment, new career, or a new career, this platform will help you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you, with job updates daily 24/7, so there will always be something for you.

eRecruiter is another professional recruitment consultancy and staffing services firm. The platform is a recruitment consultancy in Nigeria which uses the power of the internet to find the best job seeker to help companies reduce their cost-per-hire and get more choices.

eRecruiter recruitment consultancy and staffing services help job candidates ease the pain of getting a well-paid job.

hotnigerianjobs: This is not just a job website, they are presently building an extraordinarily interactive and dynamic online destination for Nigerians to collaborate, interact, get acquainted and exchange ideas on career/ professional issues.

The portal provides candidates with a wealth of resources to help you grow your profession, career and or business. The portal exposes opportunities to candidates which they may never know existed. To an Employer: People are the world’s greatest companies or business resource. To business can do without them, they can make or mar a business.

Two organizations may have the best raw material and the best technology, but what differentiates the two are their workers. It is also the difference between good and great business – wrong workers can create havoc

Naijahotjobs It is a leading portal for online careers and recruitment resources committed to connecting people (employees) to companies (employers).

For Nigerian graduates, seeking for a good paid job, =, new vocation or profession, Naijahotjobs helps you explore the possibilities and find the job openings that are right for you, with update jobs daily 24/7, so there will always be something for you. is a media and publication firm which covers the entire value chain from recruitment, professional development programs, promotion and marketing in different enterprises such as banking, Information technology, oil, and gas e.t.c.
They help companies in getting exposure and attracting the right applicants for their firm. Their online portal regularly advertises new job postings from small companies to multinationals in the country.

Companies use NairaCareer platform to advertise their vacancies, get, track and sort applications.

Jobzilla is an online job search platform that publishes the latest job postings and other opportunities, either business or scholarships. Another exciting thing and perhaps the reason they made this list, Jobzilla team goes the extra mile of going undercover scammers or frauds because they believe job seekers don’t deserve to be scammed.

They also believe that it’s not just enough to publish jobs. Hence they create relevant resources to help and guide candidates out there who seek to better their career. They believe in integrity, simplicity, team spirit.

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